Hannah Moore




Writer    Lucy Moir  &  Hannah Moore  /   Director    Hannah Moore    /    Producer    Cameron Nelson    Molly O’Connor    /    Cinematographer    Bonita Carzino    

THE INTERIOR    /    In Development    /    Feature Documentary

Directors    Hannah Moore    April Campbell    /    Producer    Cameron Nelson

Supported by Creative Victoria and the Philliip Hunter Fellowship

LOVE IS A LUNATIC CITY    /    2019    /    11 minutes

Writer/Director     Hannah Moore    /    Cinematographer    Bonita Carzino    /    Editor    Tayler Martin    /    Producer    Lauren Beck

Best Masters Production, VCA    /    Best Director, Canberra Short Film Festival    /    ISFTV Beijing    /    Northern Lights Film Festival    /   
St Kilda Film Festival    /    Women Make Movies

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BLESSED EARTH  /    2019    /   Short Documentary

Director / Editor  Hannah Moore    /      Producers     Banma Danga   /   Wang Changying    /    Composer     Jake Richards

Winner, Golden Lens Award, Looking China